migraine testimonials

Testimonials from some of my Happy clients:

Hina, I just wanted to let you know how grateful I was for the kindness you showed me when I had a migraine. I slept really well on the night of the treatment and haven’t had a headache since!! Thanks again.
-Ruth M. (2012)

I have suffered with regular migraines for years which stop me from working for days, every month or so. It affects my career. I had my first session with Hina and it left me feeling drained, but I recovered in a few minutes because she is so empathetic and knows a lot of therapeutic techniques. I followed the after-care suggestions provided by Hina and had two more sessions. Since then, I have been well and my head feels light and I have not had a headache since. I may return for a “top-up” in a few months. I have recommended it to friends.
-Sarah L. (2013)

It has removed all problems of my migraines for several months at a time. When it does come back a treatment will sort me out again for several months. Wonderful! The difference is huge.
-Stephen U. (2012)

Hina’s techniques have helped to reduce the frequency of my migraine headaches. I have slept better and feel more relaxed generally. I now understand the trigger for the headaches and she has helped me to adjust my lifestyle accordingly (preventative measures). I opted for Hina’s personal coaching sessions which helped me with my confidence, positive thinking and ways to be happier. She is gifted with intuition and a master of many cognitive therapies. Her friendly and soft approach is commendable. Thank you Hina for everything you have helped me with.
-Helen C. (2013)

I heard about Hina’s services through a friend. I have suffered from Migraines from my teenage years and now I am 36. Sometimes I have to be off work for several days because the pain would be so intense that it would affect my vision. No other therapy I have tried has ever worked, and pain killers were a waste of time. Since Hina’s sessions I have had only one mild migraine in the past 14 months.
Hina is a professional and an understanding person and is passionate about her work. I fully recommend her to anybody seeking relief.
-Rachel T.